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The Deadstock Capsule collection begins with a question: All the waste leather, the leather from old collections, the "extra" leather... what happens to it?

We have collected various unused leathers in the most disparate warehouses and created a collection of unique bags. Unique as long as there are few pieces available. Deadstock leathers are, many times, unique pieces. This, for us at Euterpe, gives even more value to what we have managed to achieve. We saved a waste material to make it into a precious object. Isn't this really the ultimate expression of upcycling?

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A bag isn't just a bag, it's a manifesto - of love and respect.

Deadstock Capsule

Isidora CenereIsidora Cenere
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Isidora Cenere

€79 €199
Cetra CardinaleCetra Cardinale
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Cetra Cardinale

€79 €199
Isidora CardinaleIsidora Cardinale
On sale

Isidora Cardinale

€79 €199
Isidora Mini CardinaleIsidora Mini Cardinale
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Isidora Mini Cardinale

€74 €189



Starting from high quality leathers, Euterpe tries to reduce the “plasticization” processes of the leather to enhance a unique and imperfect material. In addition to being a naturally sustainable material, leather is considered a slow-fashion material due to its resistance to wear and stains.



Neutral Protective Cream

Neutral Protective Cream

The safest way to keep your hammered and smooth calfskin bag clean and polished.
Quantity: 50 ml

EUH208 Contains 1,2 benzisotiazol-3(2H)-one, Reaction Mass of isothiazolinones.
If purchased individually the shipment is charged to the customer, equal to 10euro.

Euterpe: Made in Italy Design Genuine Leather Bags

Genuine leather bags have always been considered a symbol of elegance, style and quality. When it comes to designer genuine leather bags , made in Italy, the Euterpe brand stands out for its excellence and refinement. Founded on Italian craftsmanship and love for detail, Euterpe represents a perfect combination of tradition and innovation in the world of luxury leather goods. The Euterpe brand was born with the aim of creating bags that are not simple accessories, but true works of art that express the timeless beauty and elegance of real leather at an accessible price. Euterpe's philosophy is based on the idea of ​​creating unique products, capable of accompanying women in every moment of their day, be it an important business meeting or a special evening. Each bag is designed to be not only functional, but also an accessory that reflects the wearer's style and personality ...

Euterpe bags are made exclusively from the highest quality genuine leather , carefully selected to guarantee resistance, durability and timeless elegance. The leather processing takes place according to ancient Italian artisan techniques, which give each Euterpe bag a unique and unmistakable character. The design of Euterpe bags stands out for its simple elegance and attention to detail. Clean lines, ergonomic shapes and refined details characterize each model, making it perfect for any occasion. Euterpe bags are available in a wide range of colours, from classic neutral shades to brighter and bolder shades, to suit every taste and style.

The Euterpe Collection: Elegance and Functionality

The Euterpe bag collection offers a wide choice of models , designed to meet the needs of dynamic and sophisticated women. From the spacious tote bags perfect for everyday life, to the elegant evening clutch bags ideal for a special occasion, each Euterpe bag combines elegance and functionality impeccably. The shoulder and hand bags from the Euterpe collection are perfect for a casual-chic look, while the mini bags and clutches add a touch of glamor and sophistication to any outfit. Every detail of Euterpe bags is carefully studied: from precise stitching to sturdy handles, from refined internal linings to safe and functional closures. Each bag is equipped with internal compartments and pockets to ensure order and practicality, without sacrificing aesthetics.

In addition to the quality and elegance of its products, Euterpe is also committed to environmental sustainability and ethical fashion. The production of the bags takes place respecting the environment, using leather from certified sources compliant with EU legislation (REACH).

Purchasing an Euterpe bag does not only mean owning a luxury, high-quality accessory, but also supporting important values ​​such as sustainability, craftsmanship and respect for people and the environment.